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Multiple SSID on one AP?

hey guys,

I have to setup a wireless network to support three wireless networks, voip, admin and public. Voip ips are 172.16.x.x/24 and admin ips are 10.100.x.x/24. public is a full class C routable ip set.

I was thinking I could secure it by

1. each network has it only SSID and WEP on for voip and admin, public will only have SSID.

2. VLAN each network so they will not see each other.

Can I do this from one AP or should I have 3 APs at each location. One IP structure or three? Which Aironet model to use?

Or do you have better suggestion?



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Re: Multiple SSID on one AP?

Hi Howard

You can do that with one accesspoint and multiple SSID's, each associated to a different VLAN. You can use any 350,1100 or 1200 AP to do so.

If you want to use 3 different AP's you will get soon a problem with the availability of radio channels.


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Re: Multiple SSID on one AP?

hi simonstoll,

thank you for the answers to my questions,

the radio channel I was thinking I could do 1 for voip 7 for admin and 13 for public.

what about ip structure, would you keep it all the same 10.x.x.x for voip and admin or voip as 172.16.x.x and admin as 10.x.x.x. I need the public be a fully routeable ip. ie a class C.


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