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multiple wireless AP controllers



We have a wireless 4402 controller in production.  We would like to have a wireless 5508 controller on the same network using different APs for now. We would also use different SSIDs until the new equipment has proven to be reliable.  Is this possible?


Microsoft DHCP is used to assign IPs to the access points currently.


Hello. Check this link (http:


Check this link ( for software compatibility to ensure your APs would work with your 4402 and a new 5508. Are you already working with any Cisco partner or vendor for this requirement?

Let me know if you have other concerns or e-mail ( me directly. Kind regards. 

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HiWhat version of code


What version of code running on your 4402 & what version are you planning to put on 5508 ?

Yes it is possible to advertise a SSID on selected APs using AP-Groups. 5508 should be much more reliable than 4402 (its all about software code running on these hardware).

If you want roaming between 4402 managed AP & 5508 managed AP then you have to put these two wlc in to same mobility group and prefer to configure same RF group.

When it comes to RF group 7.4.x or 7.6.x RRM is not compatible with anything below 7.2. Since you 4402 cannot have any thing above 7.0.x  You cannot put both WLC in same RF group (assuming you run a latest code like 7.4 or 7.6 on your 5508).




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It is possible to migrate the

It is possible to migrate the 4400 configuration to the 5508.  


If you want to do this, then make sure you upgrade the firmware the 4400 to the final version, like When the new 5508 comes, downgrade the 5508 firmware to


Once both units are running the same firmware version, export the 4400 configuration to a TFTP server.  From the TFTP server, copy the original 4400 to the new 5508.  


Upgrade the firmware of the 5508 to whatever you want.

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