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Nat Problem

I have a 2611 router which I use for internet connection. I have 4 administratively up interfaces. Ian using NAT inside for the three inside interfaces and and NAT outside for the Internet connection interface. I have a pool of 4 legal ip addresses which I overload with about 100 illegal internal IP addresses. Once i permit these illegal ip addresses access I get connection to the internet. After some hours this translation no longer takes effect. I try to clear the translation and restart my internet nothing happens and the translations do not take effect. If I use 1-1 static NAT the internet commes back. So I dont know what is causing my dynamic Nat just to halt like that. My Nat configuration is as follows.

ethernet o/o

ip nat inside

ethernet o/1

ip nat inside

serial 0/1

ip nat inside

serial 0/0

ip nat outside

ip nat pool Internet_access X.X.X.80 X.X.X.83 prefix-length 24

ip nat inside source list 7 pool Internet_access overload

access-list 7 permit X.X.X.0


Re: Nat Problem

Sounds like an IOS bug. Your config looks good. Check your version of IOS on Cisco's bug toolkit.

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