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NCS guidlines to connect remote WLCs

Dear all,

I'm thinking of using the NCS or an NCS HA-Cluster as cental Management for a world wide environment. I'm in Europe and having already 2 WLCs connected from china. I got already problems with a WLC Update, but that was a line problem, Because I had to install a local tfpt in CN.

I couldn't find any information in the Cisco Docs, so do one of u know if there are any best practices or guidlines for an installation I plan?

Some Ideas would be very cool..

Thanks in advance.


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NCS guidlines to connect remote WLCs

Can you elaborate further Sebastian?

I mean, are you planning to setup a pair of NCS?

The only gotcha which I found was the virtual hardware required.  Please understand that NCS comes in two distinct flavours:  physical NCS server and virtual.

With Virtual you need to be hosted in a VMware.

If you want to enable HA, you do not need to purchase the second license. 

NCS guidlines to connect remote WLCs

hey thanks for the reply. My main question was about the WLC connection to the NCS and if there are any guidlines or recommendations about the line.

anyway, I plan a HA with a vitruell applicance and I'm also thinking if that is really necessary because maybe the VM HA features are enough, I will install it on a UCS system I guess..

what do you think, is VM HA enough or a NCS HA better, Maybe I have to use a WAN linlk between the system, like I see that is not a good option...

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