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Need Real-time Traffic Monitoring

My customer wants a real time method of monitoring the wireless usage. Does anyone have any simple solutions for this?


Re: Need Real-time Traffic Monitoring

"Simple" is kind of relative ... and you don't mention a budget.

MRTG is a free tool that will report stats and graphs to a web page ... but you need to have an idea of SNMP and OIDs to really configure it to that level. There are other tools with varying degrees of simplicity and utility (what's up & some others ... ranging down to Kismet and Netstumbler).

The Cisco WLSE can do monitoring; it's fairly simple, but it's not inexpensive.

Can you narrow it down a little further? What have you looked at (if anything) so far? What skill sets and / or resources are at your/your customer's disposal?

Are you using Cisoo equipment? Which ? Aironet or Airespace?

Let us know .....


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Re: Need Real-time Traffic Monitoring

I am using Cacti to display bandwidth usage graphs via a web server running on FreeBSD. Cacti will run on linux as well. From the info that I have gathered mrtg and cricket are more complex to setup. For me Cacti was a breeze. You may have to make some changes to the scripts for the wireless, but it shouldn't be too hard. Most of the scripts will work fine for Cisco devices. The url is .

You can always download a demo of What's Up Gold to run on windows to get an idea of which way you would rather go. Either way it will require a PC to use for the data collecting and reporting.

As far as technology goes there ain't nothing simple about it!



Re: Need Real-time Traffic Monitoring

Cacti has a plugin that is similar to Whatsup called Monitor

If you go to, you can get the plugins. You can also download a complete CD based on CentOS linux that self installs too. Check the forums for the CD download link

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