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Next step for a wifi guest network



Now that an excellent engineer helped me get my wifi waps to work, wap1242.  I was thinking about creating a guest network that is not part of the internal LAN.


I have one Cisco switch, and one firewall.  Should I create a VLAN for the guest network and assign a different network to it?  The on the firewall route all traffic out to the Internet, via the same gateway or a different gateway?


I think the Cisco switch I have can do private vlans.  Would this feature help in this case?


As always, thanks all in advance for all the help.


Best regards.






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Thanks Soldh.  Not really

Thanks Soldh.  Not really what I was looking for.

Guess I was looking for more detail.


Such as:


1. Do I create a separate VLAN for the WAPs? The WAPs in use is only the internal LAN and GUESTS.

2. The WAPS are already on the internal LAN via IP.

3. How do I tell the WAPs that they have two SSIDs to signal?  Do I just add both SSIDs to the dotradio0/1?

4. Is there a way to limit the bandwidth for the GUEST SSID to say 5MB?  I have a 100MB Internet, and do not want the guests to connect to the WAPs and start using the bandwidth.


I am not a wifi guy, so I do not know how to make sense of this doc that I saw before to work for me.



hello dude, you can do either

hello dude,


you can do either this or that (private Vlan on switch , or separated out-band vlan for guest),


if you don't mind that guest users to utilize internal network , you can create separated vlan for guest users , and apply policy mapping (to limit bandwidth) in the firewall/router guest interface , refer to link below :


if you don't want guest users to communicate to each other use private vlan feature on switch ,

see link below , to see the needs of private vlans and how to configure it in switch:


choose what is suitable for your network needs


Hi,Please refer the below


Please refer the below link

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