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Nokia Issues in the Enterprise

I have (2) Nokia clients that are unable to connect to the enterprise WLAN.

Client Data:

Nokia N8 Symbian Belle

Nokia N900 running Maemo5

Wireless Setup:

WiSM2s running 7.0.230

APs: 1142 & 3500


Certificate is with GeoTrust Global CA

Microsoft IAS

All other clients work perfectly (laptops, cell phones, tablets).

I have checked the Nokia forums and it seems that many people have experienced WPA2 enterprise issues, but the company states that they support it.

The Radius servers are controlled by the server admin group which can make troubleshooting timely.  We did receive this log message on one of the unsuccessful attmepts from the Radius server.

Reason Code: 3

Reason: The RADIUS Request message that Network Policy Server received from the network access server was malformed.

One more note, troubleshooting the clients is timely as well because they have to be available since we do not have a Nokia device to test with.

Thanks for any help.

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Nokia Issues in the Enterprise

We now also have a Nokia E71 that is unable to connect.

Nokia Issues in the Enterprise


Make sure that GeoTrust Global CA is listed on trusted CA list on Nokia phone. (this should be Ok I guess).

Make sure about the configuration on the nokia phone; This is where your problem could be.

Make sure that you configured the device correctly.

- PEAPv0, PEAPv1 enabled.

- PEAPv2 disabled.

- TLS privacy is off.

- Make sure that only PEAP-MSCHAPv2 is enabled and on top of the list of your PEAP methods on the phone.

- Make sure that "Authority Certificate" list on the phone has " GeoTrust Global" listed and choose it from the config page.

- under Mschapv2 config provide your username and password.

with the above config it should work. I tested with too many nokia devices and it worked fine with this config.

However, I was troubleshooting (about two years ago) an issue with a big implementation of nokia 7x series in Australia. We found that there was a problem with the phones. we did sniffer trace and found that the phone does not reply at some point with the needed data.
They had to troubleshoot with Nokia and -as I remember- they mentioned there was a problem with certificate storage on the phone. The phone saves certificates in location X but tries to find the certificate in location Y when it tries to authenticate.

If you have correct config and still not working, try do debug client for a nokia device:

debug client

then try to connect. collect the debugs.

I am sure it will end with access-reject from the radius. I just want to know if there are other informaiton that may be useful.



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