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Open Guest Network and DHCP utilisation

For guests to be able to easily access our wireless network, the Layer 2 security is Open, with Web Authentication implemented at Layer 3.

The problem I have is with having no layer 2 security (open), is that my dhcp pool is utilised by devices that may never authenticate. It becomes more of a problem if the DHCP pool is associated with DMZ Public addresses...

Is there anyway of moving the client to a different DHCP pool after web authentication? (ie. from a Private pool to Public pool).

I can see from the documentation that Dynamic VLAN assignment is not possible with web authentication :(


Re: Open Guest Network and DHCP utilisation

In the case of DHCP, a DHCP server must be available locally and must be able to provide the IP address for the access point at bootup.

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Re: Open Guest Network and DHCP utilisation

Are you saying that the clients are getting public dhcp address? What you should do is setup DHCP on the WLC for the guest. You will have to create a guest vlan and a dynamic interface that is on that vlan. Then place that vlan on your DMZ that would NAT to one of your public ip address.

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