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Open SSL

Had a recent install with Veisign certs thats was fun.

Therefore looking at some questions before I deploy the openssl cert for guest access.

Reading the docs it says the following

"Ensure that the host name that is used to create the certificate (Common Name) matches the Domain Name System (DNS) host name entry for the virtual interface IP on the WLC and that the name exists in the DNS as well"

However IF we use as the usual virtual interface IP address and asscociate this with the CName in DNS it would publish this, now I am not a DNS expert but recall you can have an internal/external lookup so it woiuld be on the internal lookup?

Also in the Verisign product page it does not list the Cisco WLC as server type for SSL certs. Which should I go for?

Any help appreciated


Re: Open SSL


     First, yes whatever DNS server you are providing for the guest users, must be able to resolve the FQDN of the cert/wlc to the virtual address.  Normally you would need an internal server.

     Second, For the WLC, you should choose Apache Server.

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