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PDA's connecting to the wrong SSID

Has anyone ran into this problem?

We have two SSID's,one is a "guest" account that has no internal access, the other is a secure account that the PDA's need to use to connect to our Mobile Email server. The problem I am having is that they want to connect to the unsecured guest account, hence they can't get at anything internal, so they don't sync they're apps.

Does anyone know of a way to force palm/windows mobile to use only the secure SSID?? Is there any PDA client software that can be loaded to help manage connections?

Any help would be apprecieated!

Thanks, tandrist


Re: PDA's connecting to the wrong SSID

On the client side configuring the Wireless Utiity with the appropriate SSID should help you connect to the corresponding SSID on the access point. On the access point side choose Mac authentication for the SSID. Refer for configuring the SSID.

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Re: PDA's connecting to the wrong SSID

The problem is most likely the PDA's have both profiles configured. This is the same for laptops... if users decide to use the guest and save the profiles, the device will choose the one that is priority then the one that is available. remove the profile for the guest and that should solve your problem.

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Re: PDA's connecting to the wrong SSID

No, the PDA,s only have the secure SSID configured on them. We do not want any PDA's using the "guest access" SSID. It seems that they always want to connect to the guest account instead of the secure SSID. You can delete the guest account off of the PDA, but it will connect to it again the first time you activate the wireless, even if it has been configured with the secure SSID?

Thanks for your reply.



Re: PDA's connecting to the wrong SSID

PDA's do that.

Every SSID it can see it will attempt to associate to like a dog in heat. Meanwhile your application croaks as it drops connectivity all day long.

If somehow you could get windows to not manage the wireless and use the software from the card where you could actually install one profile...we can dream I guess.

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