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PEAP (EAP-GTC) Client looses IP Address

Has anybody come across any issues where PEAP clients lose their IP addresses on re-association?

I have client configured for EAP-GTC talking to AP1200's. When the PC goes into suspend, the clients are forced to re-authenticate. This all works okay for a few minutes (including IP connectivity) but then the client losses its IP address (ACU shows, XP shows 'invalid IP Address') and has problems getting a new one. This even happens if the PC has not moved away from the AP.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks


Re: PEAP (EAP-GTC) Client looses IP Address

One possibility for the IP Address loss is that the DHCP request is timing out due to delayon the WAN link. I suggest you to test with a DHCP pool that you can create on the L3 router interface closest to the AP. By trying this, we can find if this due to DHCP timeouts and retries.

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Re: PEAP (EAP-GTC) Client looses IP Address

The problem is occuring over the LAN.

I have two AP's connected via two switches (one cat 6k and one 3548) to the same vlan. When you roam over, the AP's register the roam and the logs verify this. However, the client will lose Ip connectivity approx. 30 seconds after the roam.

I think the problem lies with the CAM table in the switched network. Any other ideas?

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