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PEAP / IAS - AP - Client Authentication mechanism.


I have a couple of questions regarding the authentikation (Auth) mechanism.

When a client are REauthenticateing, does the client have access to the network during the process or does the AP "shot the door" untill the reauthentication process is finnished?

Useing PEAPv0-MsCHAPv2..

I ask this question because we got a problem with long Auth / ReAuth times. The times differs between 0.5 up to 10 seconds. The debug log from 1100AP v12.3.7JA2 shows that the responstime from the Client can differ between 0.001 up to 0.8 sec. The IAS server responce time shows the same, between 0.010 up to 0.9 sec. In a 8 sec Auth the total responcetime for the Client was about 2.5 sec, the AP about 0.01 sec and the IAS server 5.5 sec.

We have tryed with several different NIC:s (Cisco, Broadcom, Orinoco / Proxim etc)and the problem are still there.

Cound it be the traffic-load on the wired network that is the problem??

I would be happy if someone could tell me where i can find a paper describeing the re / authentication in detail. All parts in the process.

Johan Loberg, Volvo IT

Technical Specialist, WirelessLAN


Re: PEAP / IAS - AP - Client Authentication mechanism.

I would suggest you to go through the following white paper once. This would give you more information on wireless security.

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