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PEAP with Intel Centrino


I have a Toughbook from Pansonic. We use want to use peap with acs and ap 1200. with cisco cards everything works. on the nb we use windows 2k NOT XP with the 802.1x patch from ms. and the latest intel pro set 7.1.1 there you can configure PEAP click on the right ca and enter the MSCHAP2 username and password. but it doesnt work. when i just enter static wep 111111 as a profil in the intel pro and configure peap on the OS (2k) with the patch it works. I have also configured LEAP with the Intel pro and that works fine. but not peap. i have also entered the roaming identity as the AD username. if i dont enter anything there i can see on the radius debug on the ap that the username is the mac of the intel centrino card.

does anybody have same issues? whats the solution, dont use intel pro set? =:-)

regards Bernhard

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Re: PEAP with Intel Centrino


I use PEAP with WIN2K (SP4)and Centrino INTEL 2100 B card.

You must install the PEAP supplicant from Cisco ACU

version 6.2. Then can you use Intel ProSet, but you must select "PEAP".

The authentication works fine , but I get never a DHCP address. If I use a Cisco PCMCIA card 350 it works fine.The different in both situation is, in case of use INTEL card, the broadcast flag is set to 1 in the Discover message.

regards Ulrich

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