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Point-to-point AP problem.


I have two 1242 APs connected (p2p).

LAN - AP1 - AP2 - EndHost.

It was up and running earlier, but due to policy changes i have to reconfigure it. In my earlier configurations, i had native Vlan between the two APs. now i have to configure two vlans. (eg- i need to have a trunk sort of thing between the APs). i have configured it but it does not seem to work. attaching the configs for both the AP's and the Diagram too.

pl suggest.

thanks... Rajiv


Re: Point-to-point AP problem.

At the ROOT bridge, are you able to get in vlan 141 on 802.11b? Or is the problem at both sites?

If it is a problem at both sites, perhaps you need "bridge 141 route ip"

I think there is another command, "bridge 141 protocol ieee" but since you don't have a "bridge 1 protocol ieee" maybe that isn't needed..

I could be wrong, just throwing out a suggestion,

Re: Point-to-point AP problem.

I am able to get vlan141 on root bridge. but not at non-root bridge. i will check your suggestion and get back.

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Re: Point-to-point AP problem.

Did this work?

Re: Point-to-point AP problem.

I didnt check it. I will check and let you know.

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Re: Point-to-point AP problem.

A couple of things from your config:

1) You do need to add "bridge 141 protocol ieee" to both APs. Without it, as you are seeing, traffic doesn't get bridged between the radio interface and the ethernet interface.

2) Remove the IP addresses from the fastethernet subinterfaces. Only the BVI 1 interface should have an IP, and that for management.

Re: Point-to-point AP problem.

i will check it out, please give me some time..

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