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Power Solution for the 350 Series products

Because of distance constraints and the environment I run fiber and a 2 conductor copper wire to each of my access points' locations. The 2 conductor copper wire provides the low voltage DC which powers the access point. The AUI to Fiber transceiver was then powered through the AUI port on the access point. This worked great with the Aironet 4800 series products. I'm looking to deploy the 350 series products but I have not found a clean solution that will allow me to continue to deploy the access points in this manner. Has anyone found a solution or know of a company that has a product or solution. Basically I need a 48 Vdc Fiber to UTP transceiver / power injector, 48 Vdc Input - 48 Vdc Output on pins 4,5 (-) and 7.8 (+) RJ-45 Jacks, 10/100 Ethernet compatible.

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Re: Power Solution for the 350 Series products

What are your distances like? I've successfuly run 350s over crappy (I mean real crappy, full of splices, etc) old POTS-grade lines up to 440 feet. You might be able to get further with quality Cat 5, or better, cable. You might have to step down the speed and/or duplex of the Ethernet ports on both sides to get it to work. Between 440 and 500 feet, I can still show a link light, but can't pass layer 3 data, haven't tested further to find out why; could be attenutation on the wire, in which case maybe running larger gauge wire would help.

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