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Pre-download software to APs with version not on current controller

I am migrating APs from a WiSM running 7.0 to a 5508 that is running 7.4 but I can't find a way to get the 7.4 code pre-downloaded on the APs while they are connected to the WiSM. We're a 24 hour environment so I'm guessing I'll have to migrate one at a time to avoid downtime for users but before planning on this route, which is a pain, I thought I would see if others have found a way to do this.

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Hi,it's quite easy, I've done


it's quite easy, I've done this some days ago.


I've followed this guide but, in short, you have to do this:

- download the file 7.4 on WiSM like you do when you want to update it's software (from web gui, under Commands > Download File > Code);

- when done, don't reload the WiSM and issue this command from cli: config boot backup. "This ensures that if a system failure occurs, the controller boots with the last working image of the controller"

- pre-download the new code on APs using the command: config ap image predownload primary <AP-NAME>. You can verify the progress using the command: show ap image all

- when done, change the High Availability configuration on that AP (from web gui, under Wireless > Access Point, then click your AP) and set the 5508 as Primary Controller, then Apply and reload the AP.


Obviously, I suggest you to test this on a non-critical AP :)


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I've done that in the past

I've done that in the past but with the WiSM you can't load 7.4. You can only go up to 7.0. So it appears there is no easy way to get the APs to move over without having to upgrade at that time.

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Ehm.. you're right!http://www

Ehm.. you're right!

I imagine that you can't downgrade the 5508 to 7.0, right?


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