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New Member

PRIME 1.3 HA Synchronized


I have a deployment of Cisco PRIME 1.3, two servers in active/standby. I need know a form of force a synchronized the servers once a change was ejecuted in primary server, this is force to replicated this change in secundary server.  This is just so automatic realizable?


Cisco Employee

PRIME 1.3 HA Synchronized

Hi Cristian:

Hot Standby in Prime Infrastructure is done at the Oracle level.  At the time the Primary's Oracle database commits a transaction, a copy of that transaction is sent to the Secondary and committed immediately, keeping the two in sync automatically. 

In the event of a Primary failure, once a failover [Primary to Secondary] completes (can be either manually activated or automatic), the Secondary becomes active and all the inputs from the controllers are committed there on the Secondary.  Transactions the Secondary commits are stored separately to be committed back to the Primary once it comes back online.

The failback [Secondary back to Primary] process is manually initiated, and it starts by the Secondary checking with the Primary to see how far out of sync the Primary's database is.  If it's too far, the Secondary will just push it's whole database back to the Primary.  If it's not far, the Secondary will just send those stored commits to get the Primary caught up.  Once the two are in sync, the Primary takes control, and reinitializes HA to the Secondary.

Hope this explains it;  if not, please feel free to ask again.

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