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Prime 1.4 AVC Not displaying ms-lync

Hello guys


When browsing the AVC statistics on the WLC, I can see that ms-lync is among the top applications, however on the application dashboard of Prime 1.4, it is not in the list. There is alot of unclassified, and also some UndefinedXXXXXX categories.



Is the latest Prime 1.4 not able to handle all the protocols from WLC version 7.6?


Ms-lync is not something that is added in the recent nbar packs, so in my opinion it should be there.


Any ideas before I open a TAC case?





Actually Cisco AVC enables

Actually Cisco AVC enables per application policy for granular control of application bandwidth utilization.

VIP Purple

Hi Steven,Here is what

Hi Steven,

Here is what release note says about PI 1.4 (update 1). As you can see it clearly said, it is not supported any new features of WLC So If 7.6 updated any protocol packs it may not reflect correctly in PI 1.4

This is a patch release for Cisco Prime Infrastructure1.4 ( This patch must be installed on top of your existing Prime Infrastructure 1.4. This release supports two new AP platforms - Cisco 3700 and Cisco 1530 series access points (supported by WLC This release also delivers a number of critical bug fixes. The update 1 for Prime Infrastructure 1.4 enables you to manage Cisco WLC with the features of Cisco WLC and earlier releases. This release does not support any new features of Cisco WLC


Even recently released PI 2.1 comes with the same disclosure,which mean you may not get a resolution soon. But give it a try through TAC avenue & you may get some better results.

Here is PI 2.1 Release notes for your reference.



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