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Prime Infrastructure 1.3 Can't start DB、Can't use WEB interface access


Suddently, all services at prime infrastructure 1.3 are stopped. It's working fine previously. I try to restart the ncs service also doesn't help.

here is the ncs status:

PRIME01/netsvcsdm# ncs status

Health Monitor is running, with an error.

initHealthMonitor(): can not start DB

Reporting Server is Stopped

Ftp Server is Stopped

Database server is stopped

Tftp Server is Stopped

Matlab Server is Stopped

NMS Server is stopped.

SAM Daemon is not running ...

DA Daemon is not running ...

Syslog Daemon is not running ...


PRIME01/netsvcsdm# ncs start

Starting Network Control System...

Unable to verify hardware.

This may take a few minutes...

Health Monitor is already running.

Failure during Network Control System startup.  Check launchout.log for details.


Note: I notice that the MEM LED at light path diagnostics panel components is lit. I check at cisco documentation, it indicate memory error. is it confirmed appliance issue?

Please advice. Thank you

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Prime Infrastructure 1.3 Can't start DB、Can't use WEB interfac

VIP Purple

Prime Infrastructure 1.3 Can't start DB、Can't use WEB interfac

Hi Andri,

Try these steps:

NCS stop

NCS cleanup

NCS start

If that doesn't work then try this

NCS stop

NCS DB reinitdb

NCS start

When  you do a reinitdb, you will basically start from scratch except you  will still have your license. So you will need to add the controller etc  back.


Hope it helsp.

New Member

Re: Prime Infrastructure 1.3 Can't start DB、Can't use WEB inte

Thank you for the reply. sorry for late update.

1. I try to reseat the memory card, MEM LED from diagnostic panel is not lit anymore. I think it solve the memory problem initially.

2. I use the following command to refresh the database

NCS stop

NCS DB reinitdb

NCS start

After reinitdb, I can login to prime infrastructure. it seems like the system is working fine. All of the configuration is gone. So, I proceed to restore the configuration.

3. Restore configuration

When I try to restore my configuration, I have the following error.

PRIME01/netsvcsdm# restore 2013-07-24_PRIME01-130724-1853.tar.gpg repository localftp application NCS

Restore may require a restart of application services. Continue? (yes/no) [yes] ? yes

Initiating restore.  Please wait...

  Stage 1 of 9: Transferring backup file ...

  -- complete.

  Stage 2 of 9: Decrypting backup file ...

  -- complete.

  Stage 3 of 9: Unpacking backup file ...


ERROR : There is the mismatch in the following configuration parameter(s) of this machine when compared to the machine where the backup was generated: DB Memory Target, RAM Size -> can’t restore the configuration due to RAM size different.

ERROR : This may affect the performance of the current machine. Hence aborting restore process.

% Application restore failed


PRIME01/netsvcsdm# show inventory

NAME: "PRIME-NCS-APL-K9   chassis", DESCR: "PRIME-NCS-APL-K9   chassis"


Total RAM Memory: 12141876 kB -> Appliance only detect the RAM memory as 12GB. Our Appliance has 16GB memory. I suspect 1 of 4 memory was spoiled.

I notice that the prime only detect 12GB RAM instead of 16GB. There is hardware failure (1 of 4 memory is spoil). Unit have to be RMA.


New Member

Hi All,I am running PI 2.0 in

Hi All,

I am running PI 2.0 in HA mode in environment. Primary NCS server is up and running. Secondary NCS server throws error like this.  

NCS(Prime Network Control System)Can't start DB.

forum suggested to run NCS DB reinitdb and then to start the NCS, if we do the same on my secondary server what would be impact on primary server.  After reinitializing whether secondary server and gets synchronized with primary server.








MEMWhen only the MEM LED is


When only the MEM LED is lit, a memory error has occurred. When both the MEM and CNFG LEDs are lit, the memory configuration is invalid or the PCI Option ROM is out of resource.

Contact Cisco TAC for assistance.