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Prime LMS 4.2 to Prime Infrastructure 2.0 license migration

A couple of months ago I upgraded WCS to Prime Infrastructure (WCS via NCS to PI 1.2 at that time). Meanwhile PI is running version 2.0. For some reason, when purchasing the upgrade licenses, I also got a 500 device LMS4.2 upgrade license.

The exact part numbers were:
R-W-PI12-M-K9 WCS 7.0 to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 Migration
R-PI12-BASE-K9 Prime Infrastructure 1.2 Base License and Software
L-PI12-LF-500-LIC Prime Infrastructure 1.2 - Lifecycle - 500 Device Lic PAK
L-PILMS42-500-M Prime Infrastructure LMS 4.2 - 500 Device Upgrade Lic

I have a virtual LMS appliance running where I installed the 500 device license I mentioned. I've actually never used LMS but that's a different story...

As I'm running low on PI device licenses (lifecycle licenses to be precise), the question is:

Is there an officially supported scenario to migrate these 500 LMS 4.2 licenses (that are already the result of a license upgrade) to PI 2.0?

If so: what part numbers do I need to purchase? I suppose I need

R-L-PI2X-U-K9 LMS to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.x Upgrade


(L-L-PI2X-500-U LMS to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.x Lifecycle Upgrade 500 Device)
(L-L-PI2X-500-UP LMS to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.x Lifecycle Upgrade with PASS 500 Device)

Maybe someone can comment on that... thanks in advance.

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In case anyone is facing the

In case anyone is facing the same issue:

Meanwhile, I finished the upgrade process using the following part numbers:

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