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Problem regarding WDS (roaming doesn't work)

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to implement WDS with some Cisco Aironet AP1242AGs and NPS-server as radius-server.

After having a few problems, I finally got WDS running. I dedicated two APs as WDS-masters (with different priorities) and two APs as WDS-candidates. For the AP-authentication I configured the WDS-master as a local radius-server with a local user. The WDS-candidates are able to authenticate with the local user to the WDS-master and appear as "registered" in the wds status, they also send their mobile node information to the WDS-master.

For the client-authentication I use the NPS-server.

But when a client, which is authenticed to one AP, moves to another AP, roaming isn't working and the client have to authenticate (full 802.1x-authentication) to the NPS-server.

All APs are in the same vlan (but different from the wireless-vlan for the clients!).

Do you have any ideas, why the roaming isn't working? Or do I have to configure anything special at the client-side?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,


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