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problem with WCS, with an error message (Error: Object not found in device)

I  have a problem with WCS, I can not open the window monitor /  controllers with an error message (Error: Object not found in device)  -> https: / / do? ControllerID = 23735
by  cons I can open the window configures / controllers -> https: / / command = detail &  ControllerID = 23735

Is there a way to recreate the database or the object? thank you in advance

error object no found in device.jpg

Cisco Employee

Re: problem with WCS, with an error message (Error: Object not f


the best way to "resynchronize", is to do the following :


Select the cursed controller, in the drop-down menu chose "refresh config from controller"

Then validate that you want to refresh the database of WCS with the current config of WLC.

then you can go to the same page, reselect that controller and now select "audit now".

Hope this helps,



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Failed (see logs)

thank you for your help
Unfortunately, the command "refresh config from controller"  does not solve the problem because we have a negative result

(in mode retain or in mode delete) with the following logs :

Log file wcs-0-0.log

10/19/10 12:07:16.333 ERROR[snmpmed] [23] Response VarBind missing for class InterfaceConfig attribute isInterfaceWired

Log file tomcat_localhost_access_log - - [19/Oct/2010:12:07:16 +0000] "POST /webacs/ HTTP/1.1" 200 47399 - [19/Oct/2010:12:07:16 +0000] "GET /webacs/ HTTP/1.1" 200 421

Cisco Employee

Re: Failed (see logs)

What is your WCS version ?

Community Member

versions equipments

It's a good question

we work with 2 WLC Software version and a WCS Software version

Cisco Employee

Re: versions equipments

WCS 4.2 does not support Wlc 6.0

It precisely gives errors like the one you are seeing.

WCS should always be of a version higher or equal than WLCs



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Community Member

Re: versions equipments


I got the same problem with wlc software and wcs software Maybe this would be useful to know.

Cisco Employee

Re: versions equipments

Same thing Mariya, the WCS version needs to always be greater than the WLC version.

As a general truth, your management system needs to be newer than your managed devices in order to support them. this is always written in WCS release notes.




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