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New Member

Problems with a LWAPP tunnel behind a LWAPP tunnel

Hi all,

Ive been banging my head against this for a few days now and would like to get some feedback as to if this can be done and ... if it can ... how is it done?

This is the setup.

Im using a WLC2106 and 4 1242LWAPP APs. That bits fine! Then I want to place a mobile 1242 configured as a Work Group Bridge somewhere within the coverage and take an ethernet cable from this and connect in a 1242LWAPP on this. So I will have a lightweight AP connected to the WLC via another LWAPP tunnel.

I cant get the lightweight AP to join the controller. Not even when i prime it with the controllers address.

Is there anyway this can be done? What is the problem here? I thought a LWAPP AP could be used anywhere there is a route to the controller? Does anyone have some tips for me here? Or is there another way to do the same thing?

Thanks in advance


Dominic Kilbride


Re: Problems with a LWAPP tunnel behind a LWAPP tunnel

Hi Dominic,

Never done that but, from my understandind, if your AP is a WGB, it is considered as a client, not an AP. So it has no reason to even try to talk to a controller... this implies that it will probably not relay LWAPP messages received on its cable from the other AP in LWAPP mode...

Have you tried to prime this AP by attaching it first on the controller subnet, and then prime it with the controller name (not address)?

New Member

Re: Problems with a LWAPP tunnel behind a LWAPP tunnel

Hi Jerome,

Thanks for answering. Your right. My Ap is behind a wireless client that is a WGB. I certainly need it to pass LWAPP messages in order for the other AP to conect to the controller. Is this a problem?

You asked if i had primed the AP by connecting it to the controller on a layer 2 level? yes i have. It connects perfectly. THEN you ask if i have primed with controller name? I HAVE NOT.

So .. this looks promissing ... i have entered the ip address of the controller. Not the name. Which name do you mean?

Thanks for your help

best regards

Dominic Kilbride

Re: Problems with a LWAPP tunnel behind a LWAPP tunnel

In the AP configuration page, once it has joined the controller, in the Primary controller field, what is expected is the name of the controller (as seen in Management > SNMP > General), not the IP address.

If you AP has joined this controller already, it will try to join it again if everything else fails. If your AP is getting an IP address via DHCP, you can also use the DHCP option 43 to give your controller IP address to your AP along with the IP address.

I have never tried your configuration, I am not sure that it can work. From the infrastructure point of view, the AP joins using another AP wireless interface, and I am not sure that this is allowed...