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Public SSID with webAuth DHCP ip assignement problems


I have a 6509-E chassis with wism controller.

I configured 2 WLAN with 2 different VLAN.

One of my WLAN is secure with an radius server and need some configuration on client computer and this one works great.

The other WLAN is public with webAuth. This one seems to have some problems. Sometimes, the client can't have an valid IP address and have a automatic failure ip address like 169.x.x.x I have about 10 Access point and all seems to do this but not at the same times so I think it's not the access point.

I try to configure a windows 2003 DHCP server and give the ip address in the configuration of the WLAN and I also try directly on th 6509 switch to configure the scope for the WLAN. These 2 configuration do the same thing, some client can't connect, some client can

Do you have an idea what can be wrong? If I start a network analyser on my computer I see that he made DHCP request but didn't receive response. But I know the dhcp is up because if I try the other SSID who's securised it's work and get an IP address.

Thanks for the help

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