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Public Wi-Fi access (hot spot)


Not long ago, one of my clients, ask me to install a public wi-fi (hot spot) in a small cafe (approximately 200 square meter).

So the task is to make wifi network, without any encryption, that our guest simply open laptop (for example)  and connect to wi-fi network.

Any user, which is connected, and trying to open any web page ( for example) must be redirected, to special web page in our corporate network, which contains disclaimer, or any license agreement, thet user just click "ok" and start surfing the web as usual.

Not obligatory task, but desirable, is to limit connection speed, incoming traffic (examply 50MB) and session time.

Which device can help me complete this tasts? The client is alredy have (but not use) cisco 871w router.

Aironet is enought, or not, and we need to purchase wifi controller device, like 2100 series? And if we will purchase 21** device, will it work with cisco 800 series router?

Thanks for help, and great sorry my bad english. I hope all written above is understandable. =))

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Re: Public Wi-Fi access (hot spot)

While the web-auth page available on the WLC will handle *some* of what you are trying to achieve, it will not accomplish all of them. I have used a third-party freeware application, PFSense (, which will perform all of the captive portal functions you are trying to achieve, and can perform bandwidth limiting as well.

...Ron CCIE4526

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