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QoS/bandwidth throttling on autonamous WAPs?

We have about 5 autonamous 1231AG WAPs running IOS v12.3(8)JEC. I want to be able to limit, or at very best, prioritize corporate and voice WLAN traffic over those using guest SSID (VLANs listed below). So, I want to priortize traffic by VLAN. VLAN priortiy is: voice, corporate, management, guest.

Would the best way to be to go to each WAP, QoS, and make a new policy for each VLAN? For corporate, I assigned all IP precedences a CoS of 3 (Excellent). For voice, all IP precedences a coS of Voice (6), and guest, all IP porecedences a CoS of (1). I would then assign the respective policies to each VLAN, inbound and outbound. IMy thinking is that no matter what precedence traffic is on guest VLAN, the WAP will downgrade it to CoS 1, making it the lowest priority traffic coming through the WAP.

Would this accomplish what I am trying to do? Please note, these WAPs are not plugged into Cisco gear. Rather, we have Nortel switches, so talking of Catalyst gear won't work.

VLAN1=management (native)

VLAN10=Corporate LAN




Re: QoS/bandwidth throttling on autonamous WAPs?

Hmmm...I have to ask if the Nortel switches recognize the CoS functionality. I have no idea.

Your scenario is this - QoS really happens at the switch anyway. You can set the settings you discussed, but in the air, there is no QoS in a radio contention based network. Not yet anyway.

So, if you are fighting for radio space, make it to the AP and then get passed on to a switch that may or may not recognize the effort, you might not be doing yourself any favors.

Are you prioritizing voice now? This is a good question I'd like to read up on - thanks.

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