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Radius Novell Border Manager


We tried to authenticate the radius user request from a wireless controller 4402 by a novell border manager 3.6.

The border manager was not able to understand the request and got back the error(-803)no such user.

This behavor is equal for LEAP, WPA1 and WPA2.

Maybe the border manager doesn't understand the vendor specific attributes from the controller. The border manager support PAP and CHAP authentication.

Is it possible to use this protocols for the radius authentication?

What could be the radius problem between the wireless controller and the border manager radius server?



Re: Radius Novell Border Manager

Upto my knowledge, border manager can well understand the requests from the Cisco products. so, I dont think compatibility can be an issue here. Better, you send the border manager server configuration and also the details of the user who got rejected. I will compare both these details and find out the cause of this error.

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Re: Radius Novell Border Manager

Novell Border Manager does not support any of the EAP protocols used for authentication with Wireless.

We endedup using either the Funk Odyssey Client or the Meetinghouse Aegis client to support WPA with backend PAP authentication. The Radius server we settled with was Funk Steel Belted Radius that queries Novell eDirectory via LDAP.

You won't be able to do authentication against Novell BorderManager without passing your credentials in the clear through the air.

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