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Radius request source interface

                   HI !

I have controllers WLC 5508 and release 7.4.

If I, in  the WLAN configurations about AAA and radius servers, use the possibillty to change the radius request source interface by  "Radius Server Overwrite Interface" it will, use the interface that the SSID is configured to, as a source address.

If my SSID is configured to a interface group, what will happend then??

Will only the first configured vlan be used as a source or will he vary the source address between the vlan included inte the interface group?

(It, of cource, need to be the the same every the time, every request and predictable)


New Member

Hello Mat,Did you manage to

Hello Mat,

Did you manage to test the behaviour of having interface group while using  "radius server overwrite interface"?

If yes please i need to know your feedback!


thank you

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Hi,Yes, I did get an answer


Yes, I did get an answer on my tac-case on this. It will use the first configured vlan in the group.

I have had it configured and use "radius server overwrite" on the interface group right now. It working this way since these months. It seems to work well.  :-)



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so the users are assigned

so the users are assigned through the second VLAN and the first vlan just for AAA communication..

by that did the end user experience any delay or problems with DHCP assignment having to go to the first vlan first? or it just mark it as dirty interface and uses the second

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No, all vlan are used for the

No, all vlan are used for the users as an ordinary interface group. It does not effect that at all. These settings has no impact on DHCP assignment, either.

It is only the source address on the radius request packet orginating from the WLC that will use the first vlan ip-adress in the interface group. When you just have one vlan on a SSID it has not choice but here it was not clear in the documentation what source address WLC would chose for the radius request.

Cisco Employee

this info is not cco

this info is not cco documented, will takecare of it.

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