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Recommended Version Upgrades

Howdy Folks,

I am currently running WCS and is running on the Controllers. I want to upgrade to the latest "stable" versions. I see that people are/were having issues with Since the has been release are people still having problems?

What version is the community currently recommending?



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Re: Recommended Version Upgrades


I have currently upgraded my controllers from the same versions you have. I was running on the controllers and on the WCS server for Windows. I had no issues upgrading the controllers to which is the last of the 4.0 code, and very stable according to TAC. I am 6 weeks into it and everything is running fine. The WCS server went to which is recommended when your controllers are at and it is running better than ever.

I don't know about the code. You may have to run that controller up to prior to going to 4.0 code.

Here is a link to the upgrade path for the WLC's. Good luck with it.



Re: Recommended Version Upgrades

4.0.97 on the WCS controller and on the controllers.

I'm not touching it again since my spectralink phones now work along with the vocera, the laptops and everything else.

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Re: Recommended Version Upgrades

I am running on my WLC4402s and on WCS. Been up for about a month on each and no problems, I have a mix of older 1230's 1242's and 1510 mesh on the network, 60 access points. I like on the WCS tons better, reporting, security alerts are all a lot better.

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