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Regular backup of AP configs with WLSE


I'm using WLSE 1.3 and I would like to regularly backup the configs of my Access Points. Until now I have not found that fonction on WLSE.

I have found the 'Import' -> 'from file' option in the 'Configure' menu but the job fails with error message 'HTTP not supported on device' which is not true because my AP1200 are all HTTP manageable. Anyway that fonction would not make an automatic backup of every AP on a daily or weekly basis.

If one of my AP fail and has to be replaced, how can I recover its config and load it on a new AP ? Any suggestion ?



Re: Regular backup of AP configs with WLSE

1) WLSE 1.3.x currently does not support Config Archive feature of APs. This feature may be added in the upcoming versions. For now for doing Config Archive, you can use CW2K/RME.

2) As for the other part of your question, what protocol are you using in WLSE to push the Config Jobs?. HTTP or SNMP?. Both have some pre-req before you can use it.

Use of HTTP protocol requires:

- Configuring WLSE as the TFTP server on APs.

- Configuring a global http username/password with Admin and Firmware rights on all APs and add this in the WLSE under Device Credentials.

Use of SNMP Protocol requires:

- Configuring SNMP community strings with Admin and Firmware rights on all APs.

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