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Remote 1131AG disassociates from local WLC 4400

WLC 4400 installed and configured by a field tech a few days ago.

Existing 1131AG APs were IOS and he showed me how to update them to LWAPP with Upgrade Tool. Set up WLC configuration and I've updated local 1131s and they assoicated with WLC immediately.

Ran the update for a remote site. Update succeeded. APs contacted WLC and downloaded config, but afterwards did not show in WLC. Only messages I see are in SNMP trap log that say AP disassociated. Can ping them, but cannot connect to them in any manner - telnet, http, https, etc.

Using static IP addresses with APs for their vlan. ACL is also defined. I would note that the ACL doesn't prevent the local APs from associating with WLC.

Remote sites communicate over channelized T1 circuits, as part of DS3 fan network to main (local) site. Cisco 7204VXR router at local site; 2811 at remote site. EIGRP is configured on both routers and subnets display correctly on both routers. IP helper address entry for WLC added on both routers.

DNS configured with the entry for cisco lwapp using with the WLC IP management IP address.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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Re: Remote 1131AG disassociates from local WLC 4400

On the remote router, I enabled 'debug ip udp', then checked the output of show logging. I found that the APs are broadcasting a udp request on port 12223.

Remote routers already had ip helper addresses entered in the ethernet interface and the local router had ip directed broadcasts enabled on the serial interfaces.

Adding the 'ip forward-protocol udp 12223' entry to the configuration of the remote router allowed the APs to associate with the local WLC 4400 again.


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