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Roaming ap1100

I'm having problems with roaming between tre ap1100 one root and two slaves via radio. The problem occurs when we move the pc's so that they reassociate with another ap1100 (slave or root). We use dell with their built in wlancards and they drop the ip-adress when they switch acces-point and tryes to renew after about ten seconds. We also use 350´ and the clients there doesn't have this problem. When i use a computer with cisco's wlan card the problem isn't that serious however it still drops packets.

I hope someone can help me!


Cisco Employee

Re: Roaming ap1100

Hi Jorgen,

Unfortuantly IEEE802.11F ( the standard for roaming in 802.11 systems) has not yet been ratified and as such roaming on Cisco access points is limited to Cisco client cards only. Currently this is done using the Cisco extensions. Which the Dell cards wont support

This is the same for roaming on other vendors access points also it is limited to only their client cards or client cards from vendors they have shared their roaming system with. Not all AP's on the market support roaming.

Once this standard has been ratified then there will be roaming amongst most vendors also.

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