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Rogue AP deletion

Hi All.

I'm testing rogue ap detection on WCS/LWAPP using an IOS 1231AP. (Trying to get RLDP/WCS to see it over the wired network.)

The 1231 was previously used on another test and the WCS now has identified it as 'Acknowledged'. When I click on the icon on the map, it should take me to Alarms page for that rogue; however all I get is the attached pop-up.

I tried to set the rogue back to 'Unknown - Alert' but no good. The WCS cannot see it over the wired network (no config on 1231; ip addressing all DHCP off data VLAN).

Is there a way to delete the 'rogue ap database' from the WCS and/or WLCs?



Re: Rogue AP deletion

This issue can be solved if the WCS is upgraded. This makes the information about the rogue AP's will be deleted and the new licence can be added by the below mentioned procedure.

The license files are saved as part of the backup and restore process, so upgrading WCS will not require reentering of the license files. However, the restore must be on a system with the same host name for the restored licenses to work. If you have installed an upgraded license on your system, you must reinstall the original license, followed by the upgrade license. For example, if you have upgraded a license from base license to location license, during the reinstall, you need to first install the base license, then install the location license

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Re: Rogue AP deletion

Thanks for the reply but this is after the upgrade to WCS v4.0.81.0 w location. Have you been successful in getting RLDP to detection rogues on your wired network?

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