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rogue repeaters joining to root AP


I was playing around with a couple of 350s, setting one up as a root AP and setting the other up as a wireless repeater. It worked like a charm but now I'm wondering what's to stop anyone else from doing this? Apparently all one needs to know is the SSID and a suitable IP address. Is there a way of telling a root AP not to allow repeater connections?

.....thanks in advance.......Jamie

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Re: rogue repeaters joining to root AP

a) One way you can prevent by enabling wireless security .

Enable WEP . Also in Cisco you can do LEAP between root ap and repeater

ap .

b) Second way is to put the mac address access list saying allow on this clients and rest will be disllowed .

Mac address list can be local or can be on radius server .


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Re: rogue repeaters joining to root AP


Sorry to take so long in responding....away for a few days. We don't use WEP, we use VPN clients instead. So turning WEP on for repeater APs would mean turning WEP on for all clients......right?.....which we wouldn't be able to do. Same for MAC addresses.....all are accepted now so setting up a list would mean identifying and including all possible MAC addresses.....which would be another big problem for us. The ideal option for us would be to have the APs configurable to allow repeater connections or not.


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