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Routed network using VRF and WLC Webaccess for Guest LAN

I have a guest lan that uses a seperate VRF on my network. That guest LAN needs to get services and access the internet via the WLC.

I cannot assign an IP address on the ingress port of the WLC which doesn't allow me to setup an IP-Helper or a next hop for traffic via the WLC. Since the ingress and egress are on different vlan's somehow i need to route the traffic to the egress.

Using the VRF doesn't allow me to create a route like "ip route VRF Guest gig 1/5" or "ip route VRF Guest vlan 5"

Any ideas?                    

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Routed network using VRF and WLC Webaccess for Guest LAN

Does the L3 interface on your router or L3 switch look anything like this?

interface Vlan119

description GUEST VLAN

ip vrf forwarding GUEST

ip address

ip helper-address

no ip redirects

no ip proxy-arp

glbp 119 ip

glbp 119 timers 2 7

glbp 119 priority 150

glbp 119 preempt delay minimum 600

glbp 119 authentication md5 key-string 7 1326431F1B1917232203

glbp 119 forwarder preempt delay minimum 3600

load-interval 30


This is an edited version of an L3 interface in a 6509 hosting a WiSM.  The WiSM guest interface is in this subnet.  The helper points to NAC.  Clients in this subnet are NAT'd to public IPs when heading out to the Internet.

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