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New Member

Scanner mode questions...

Hello all,

I am trying to implement WDS w/o WLSE. I simply want to be able to be to have an AP in scanner mode report detected SSID's to the WDS device. I have a few questions about this:

1. How does the scanner-mode AP report this information? (SNMP, syslog, etc.)

2. Can this information be extracted from the scanner-mode device directly, does it have to come from the WDS device, or is this all impossible because I don't have WLSE?

I simply want to detect BSSID's present when someone plugs their own wireless into my network and use MARS to locate the device whose MAC address matches the BSSID.

Thank you for any assistance/info you can provide.


Re: Scanner mode questions...

configure WPA or WPA2 mixed mode, perform these steps:

Go to > Security > Encryption Manager, and select AES CCMP+TKIP from the Ciphers drop down menu.

Make sure that your SSID is configured for WPA mandatory (not optional). Go to Security > SSID Manager, and select the SSID that should be used.

Scroll down to the Authenticated Key Management section and select Mandatory in the Key Management pull down menu. Also make sure to check the WPA box.

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