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Secure Services Client Issues

I'm trying to use SSC on a Dell E4300 laptop that'll connect to our LEAP network but also connect to another network that has no encryption.

The LEAP network is for our domain users where their Windows credentials are used to authenticate them to the network.  The wireless network with no encryption is used for local guest users to get Internet access.  These networks run concurrently on our Cisco APs and are non-broadcasting.

I have three problems in trying to set this up properly:

1.  When the LEAP connection is in use, it works well, however when someone uses a local account (not a domain one), the wireless software keeps trying to authenticate at the login.  The user has to click cancel to bypass it.  I'm wondering if there is some way to tell the software to disable itself when a local login is being used.  Clicking cancel would normally be easy for the user, but it's a local guest account so various people would be using it and therefore not really ideal to be training them all the time on clicking "cancel".  I'd like the local login to just work without SSC stalling it.

2.  Another issue with this setup is that when the laptop is used away from the network (used for travel), the software still delays the login as it's trying to search for the wireless networks.  It seems to only look once credentials are entered.   I'm wondering if there is a way to search for networks immediately after XP boots to the login screen so the search time can be reduced if not eliminated.

3.  When going between wireless networks, the software will not connect to a different network unless you go "connect exclusively".  This can be a problem especially for a domain user who is trying to logon, but a local user was on the non-encrypting wireless network prior.  This even happens after a reboot.  The software will keep trying to login to the last network it associated itself with.  I would hope it would associate based on the order I have the networks set up.  I even set up the open network on the local user's account thinking it would perhaps only show up when they login, but it still displays itself at the login like it's a LEAP connection.

I'm sure most of my requests would probably have to be new fixes or enhancements in an upcoming release, but if anyone has some tips or tricks up their sleeve I'd be greatly appreciated. 

My Setup:

Using all the latest versions of software...

Mgmt Util

Client Software

Software Configured in the Following Manner:

[Available to All Groups] -

1. Wired - Open Connection

2. LEAP network

Non-Encrypting Network was first setup below the LEAP connection for all groups, then setup under the local account...neither worked how I'd like.

I looked into setting up groups, but I don't see how I could use them in an automatic manner depending on the type of user being logged in (domain or local).

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Re: Secure Services Client Issues

Try client software version

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