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securing mesh AP joining to WLC with Radius

Salutations to all,

I'm in the process of setting up a mesh network using 1522 Light Weight Mesh Access Points. The WLC is running code Currently I have got it running with 6 APs as a sort of pilot implementation - 1 RAP and 5 MAP. The eventual is to have about 26 APs in total in the fiinal implementation.

I'm now trying to work on using Radius (Cisco ACS) to authenticate the APs during the joining of APs to the WLC. Have been doing some reading on this. Need some help to clear up some confusion I have on this area though. The various documentations mentioned using MAC Filtering under the SECURITY tab page and yet some refer to using AP Authorization List in the AP Policies page. There is also the Mesh page settings under WIRELESS tab to add to the confusion. In the 4.1.x code, it seems simpler to just check-off the option Authorize APs against AAA in the AP Policies page.

So the questions is, if my need is to use external Radius (Cisco ACS) to authenticate the APs when they join, what setting should I be using to achieve that ? Assuming we will be accepting MIC for joining AP and using EAP security mode. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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