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Setting up WEP on AP350

We just purchased Cisco AP350 and I'm wanting to use WEP but when I go to the security--Radio Data Encryption (WEP). I get the following message at the top of the screen "Use of Data Encryption by Stations is: Not Available

Must set an Encryption Key or enable Broadcast Key Rotation first " I then when to Network ports---Ap Radio---advanced and put 900 in the "Broadcast WEP Key rotation interval (sec):" Once I did that I went back to security and the options of "no encryption, optional encryption, and full encryption" were there but when I put in a key it would give me an error message saying it was an invalid field. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?? I don't know if I want to enable the broadcast key rotation or not and I can't find any other location to put in a Encryption key...Thanks in advance.....BMC

Cisco Employee

Re: Setting up WEP on AP350

Here is the url which discuss "Configuring WEP" in detail

That procedure is known good and lets see it works for you or not..Tejal

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Re: Setting up WEP on AP350

WEP Encryption for Aironet 352 using iPAQ

In the ACU there is a setting named WEP

This Setting has Two values

Dissabled and Enabled

Now, I want to know, when enabled . . . .

A: Can it handle 128bit Encryption

B: If not can it Handle 64bit

C: If not what is the point in having WEP

D: If it can, then where do I put my 4 Keys for 64bit or my Hex key for 128bit?

I am pretty sure that I am up-to-date with all the new drivers to the Aironet 352 for the Win CE, and any new firmware for the PMICIA card that I may require.

I have my CEM (Client Encryption Manager) but Any type of password/key I put in here, I always get an error message stating "Please Enter The Correct Password"

Is this where I am to put my Hex keys? Or even a PassPhrase? Yet I have tried both, and still get the same message.

I am puttin the Hex key in, in this format:


Is this Correct?

Or does it need to be in a different layout?

All SSID are the same, so there is not a problem there.

Everything works fine untill the WEP is Enabled on the Access Points/Bridges.

If anyone can help me with this, I would be most grateful.

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