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Setting WEP key in DOS

I am trying to find a way to store the WEP key in DOS on a machine. I have the CSCODI drivers loading just fine. However to get into our network login screen in dos here. we have to have the wep key stored.

I am using the Aeornet 350 PCI card, and whenever I try to run wepdos to get / store the information, I receive an error 8003: IO ports inaccessable.

How would I go about getting around this?


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Re: Setting WEP key in DOS

You can use wepdos to set keys.

ex. wepdos -tx 1

Also, make sure you are actually booted into DOS. A window or shell will result in IO anomalies.

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Re: Setting WEP key in DOS

I believe it will be different depending on which device you are using. But for our devices this is how we set it:

wepdos -365 -p100 -bc000 -tx1 -hex -key1 "hexkey" -d

hope that helps!

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Re: Setting WEP key in DOS

I had this same type of problem a while ago. The Cisco DOS drivers require some type of PCMCIA card and socket service to be running. This support is not native to your PC BIOS and needs to be included in your config.sys file. Check w/ your PC vendor to see if they've provided DOS card services for your machine.


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