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Several WDS on the same subnet

Hi everyone,

I'm deploying 80 APs on a campus using a WLSE; all of them belong to the same subnet. If an AP configured as a WDS can only register up to 60 infrastructure clients. Can I bring a BACKUP WDS into ACTIVE state so it can register the 20 AP left?

If not, what do you recommend me to do, split the networks?


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Re: Several WDS on the same subnet

You need either a 6000/6500 WLSM module to act as the WDS to exceed that amount or see if they use the Supervisor 720 for thier core switching; which can also do WDS. The issue with subnetting is that roaming from AP to AP wont happen (i.e a new IP address issued for a part of the campus).


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Re: Several WDS on the same subnet

Hi Carlos,

Here is an excerpt from a Cisco document that addresses this issue:

How many infrastructure access points (APs) can a single WDS manage?

A single WDS AP can support a maximum of 60 infrastructure APs when the radio interface is disabled. The number drops to 30 if the AP that acts as the WDS AP also accepts client associations.


Can I set up more than 60 access points (APs) in a WDS that uses AP-based WDS?

Do not use more than 60 APs on one WDS master. You can run into CPU utilization problems with more than 60 APs. You can have multiple WDS masters, but they need to be on different subnets. An example is the use of:

One WDS master and 30 APs on

Another WDS master and 30 APs on

In this case, the issue is that you cannot fast roam between WDS domains.


Here is a link to the actual doc:

Here is another link to a doc for configuring WDS AP's:

Hope this helps!


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