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Specifying which AP the Repeater should connect to.

I have two fairly close Aironet 350s providing Wi-Fi for users, both connected to entirely different Internet connections, each serving a different segment of users in separate hotel towers. I have a third Aironet 350 in place acting as a repeater, and I need to limit it to connecting only to one of the access points (the one with the faster connection and more line-of-sight as well as power), but it frequently jumps from one to another for a variety of reasons. There seems to be a setting for creating an SSID just for repeater use, but it's a little confusing. Could some guru please enlighten me on how I can limit my repeater to just one of the access points? I only have the one access point's MAC ID entered into the repeaters "Radio Advanced" listing, to no avail.

Additionally, since my access points allow any and all associations (being public hotspots) how can I keep competitors Ciscos' repeaters from associating with my access points and repeating my signal where I don't want it (whether they knowingly do it or not)?

All are running v12.0x

Thanks in advance!


Re: Specifying which AP the Repeater should connect to.

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