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SSID disappears from and to


I have this customer who has 6 1142 AP that is joined to a WiSM2-controller. I went to them to test coverage etc because they have been complaining.

Most things look ok from the networks perspective but one thing is noticeable. 5 GHz is much more visiable than 2.4 GHz.

I tested at some random places within the customer site both from my and with Cisco Spectrum Expert. On my PC I used "netsh

wlan show networks mode=bssid" to view availible networks and almost everywhere only 5 Ghz was showing.

At the same places I looked at the spectrum with CSE and no notieable interference was found and I also saw the SSID at for example ch 1 and even though I was not moving it suddenly was gone.

There are 6 APs at the site and they spread out nice over the non-overlapping 2.4-channels, also power is constant over time.

We offer another SSID from same WLC/AP and that one is seen on 2.4 at the same time the other one disappears.

Any ideas?


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SSID disappears from and to

What WLC software version you are running ? This is more likely a bug of the software code you are running. If you are in 7.4.x. go for which is more stable.

We had a similar issue with 3600 AP on 7.4.100.x software. Here is that bug information CSCug46718. We fixed it by upgrading WLC software


"Most 802.11 client 2.4GHz authentications will stop after a period of  time causing clients to roam to further AP’s, or possibly no longer see  the SSID from the AP. However, connectivity to certain clients may  remain unaffected"

Only occurs on 2.4GHz band radio with CleanAir capable APs (Cisco  Aironet 2600, 3500, and 3600 series Access Points) with software release  version 7-4-100-0 or 7-4-100-60

- Disable ‘CleanAir’ feature on WLC to prevent the condition from occurring
- Reboot AP to recover an affected AP from the condition



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SSID disappears from and to


WiSM2 is running

The problem the bug you link to is descriping correlate pretty good with what users say they experience. That they get a big downshift in datarate now and then. Which could mean they roam to a AP further away.

But the hardware and software we have dont match the ones that is effected by the bug.

I will look further in the bug tool and check client stats.


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