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Strange Error From Cisco WLC


I've a Cisco WLC running version 4.2, I've strange disconnections of some LWAPP access points.From the logs i can see the following message: Fri Oct 3 11:16:39 2008 AP's Interface:0(802.11b) Operation State Down: Base Radio MAC:00:1b:54:ec:db:e0 Cause=Heartbeat Timeout.

Looking on the Cisco website I can't find anything.Can someone help me about this issue?




Re: Strange Error From Cisco WLC

It seems like that the WLC sends an access request, but there is no response from the IAS server. Complete these steps in order to troubleshoot the problem:

Check and verify the IAS server configuration. and

Check the log file.

Install software, such as Ethereal, which can give you authentication details.

Stop and start the IAS service.

Re: Strange Error From Cisco WLC

This is not an IAS issue. The heartbeat is a packet sent on occasion from the WLC management interface to the AP. If the AP doesn't get this reply in a timeley manner it steps up the speed between heartbeats to make sure it didn't accidently miss one. If it still doesn't hear the reply it assumes it has lost the controller and reboots to LWAPP discovery mode. It sounds like you have a connection issue between the AP and the controller.

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Re: Strange Error From Cisco WLC

Agreed. Where are the trouble APs located? Are they located across a fiber link, or at a remote location/offsite?

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