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technical specs for cisco connected stadium


I'm still new to large sized wireless networks, and I'm unsure about this. So the scenario is that there's this stadium company who would like to offer wifi service to fans watching matches or concerts, so I will propose the staidum to use Cisco's connected stadium wifi setup.


My Confusion lies at the points below:

1. Connected Stadium white papers say that the Antenna of model 25137NP is to be used for this setup. Doest it only take 1 RP-TNC connector (coax)?


2. If the stated Antennas only run on coaxial, What switch model is suggested for this stated setup ?


3. What wireless controller is suggested for this setup ?


Help is greatly appreciated as I'm still new to this larege scale setups.


Many thanks in Advance,



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The 3500P is the only

The 3500P is the only wireless access point model to support the AIR-ANT25137NP antenna.


I would recommend you get a proper wireless site survey done.  This is a kind of setup you do not want to get wrong.  


As for WLC, it will depend on how many APs you will be deploying but a 5508 is a certainly good candidate for this job.  


Switch will also depend on your network and your budget.  You can start with a 3650 or 3850.  If you plan to run IP Telephony, then think about the density of the switch.  If you plan to get 48-port model switch then I'd recommend you look at the switch model with an "F" in the model number.   This means that the switch can supply up to 750w PoE or up to 48-ports 15.4w PoE.  

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 Here is the link to recorded


Here is the link to recorded session of below 2014 CiscoLive presentation talks about this topic.

BRKEWN-2007: High Density WiFi Networks for Stadiums and Large Public Venues

Here is the presentation pdf of this session.



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