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Throughput, IP address and MAC restricting

I help operate a wireless ISP service for rural customers. Wireless rings are formed between antennes using 340s, and on each antenna are customer access APs, 340s and 350s. Currently each ring terminates at a cisco router where connection to upstream ISP is established. I am looking for suggestions on scaleable solutions for controlling unauthorized IP addresses and IP address conflics, unauthorized MACs, and throttling individual customer bandwidth.


Re: Throughput, IP address and MAC restricting

For restricting the access to valid users on wireless AP350 or AP340 use one of the following authentication techniques like LEAP, PEAP.

I don't think you can restrict bandwidth in this scenario since wireless is a hub like device with shared bandwidth.

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Re: Throughput, IP address and MAC restricting

I think you can manage the bandwith at the router interface of the WLAN, with QoS, MPLS or something like that. You can do that by IP or MAC address...

What will be dificult or maybe impossible to do, is to control bandwith between clients in the same wireless ring. You can get network congestion if 2 of your clients on same wirelles ring, decide to share files/stuff ...

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