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Timeout waiting for client EAP auth response

Hi all,

The above error is seen in a debug whilst trying to connect a Panasonic Wireless Projector to an AP. The encryption on Radio 0 is set to wep mandatory and I am using mac authentication just for the projector.

Is there any way that an exclusion for dot1x can be applied directly to the Access Point to exclude a device by MAC address as the projector will never respond to EAP packets??

I have tried setting up subinterfaces on different VLAN's using a 1812 to do the Inter VLAn routing but due to a probable limitation on the projector it will not display anything though the packets are getting to it via the router then access point. I presume since the router mac address is being seen instead of the end management station, the projector is accepting the packets but not handling them properly. I have raised a query re this with Panasonic.


Re: Timeout waiting for client EAP auth response

the association to the AP takes place successfuly and is only dissassociated per the authentication failure then the connection

to the AP works fine. you need to verify the LAN card.

Re: Timeout waiting for client EAP auth response

Is this a controller based AP? If so, go to the cli on the controller and "config advanced eap identity- request-timeout 30" This extends the time to authenticate to 30 seconds.

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Re: Timeout waiting for client EAP auth response

Thanks for the reply.

The AP is not controller based and the LAN card is fine as the issue is present with different laptops.

I resume since the Projector cannot respond to EAP requests and no MAB is possible on the AP then the solution will not work in this scenario?

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