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Following tool does not work (v0.3)with the Cisco aironet series, but will probably do so in the future...

The have i nice FAQ and some other information that might be of interest.

Regards /Daniel

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Re: tool-tip

Since your original post a month ago, have you found anything similar or complimentary to net stumbler? I'd just like to get promiscuous mode working.

I've tried getting the linux-wlan-ng drivers working. They work with the prism II chipset...I am pretty sure that's what's in the Aironet 340 but not as sure about what's in the 350 (which is what I have)....I sure can't get it working!

What I'm trying to do is get set up for wireless auditing of networks. I have both W2K and Linux OS' at my disposal. I've found a BSD patch for Aironet drivers at so I'm tempted to get a laptop set up running fact, as soon as I can find an old one, I'll probably do that.

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Re: tool-tip

Well from what i know there is (for w2k)

Sniffer Pro 4.6

and Aeropeek,

both comersial, that probably would work in promiscius mode.

For OpenSource *nix OS im not that aware of any products, except airsnort,

that is passive.

But it targets only the wep key trafic(for decryption), but hey that in a passive mode ;)

/regards Daniel

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