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Tracking B clients,G clients & A clients with WCS

Can I track users that have B only cards and clients that have G only card within WCS reoporting. I want to turn off the B side but Management doesn't want to cut off users cold turkey with the new LWAPP depolyment.

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Re: Tracking B clients,G clients & A clients with WCS

1st'ly - sorry I don't have the answer you want.

However, I expect the answer comes down to 802.11 data rates.

I have asked so many Cisco wireless experts how to determine current 802.11 data rate for an associated client on Airespace gear. Advanced Services guys, TMEs, TAC gurus, Networkers presenters. Of course since this is such an obvious thing to want to know (and the WLC obviously knows this) they all say yes. Then when puched to tell me how, they all go mute. Some have eventually admitted you can't find out. WCS has some graphs about history & thoughput but this is not 802.11 data rate.

As far as I can tell from extensive enquiries of Cisco you can't find out the 802.11 data rate of any associated client by any UI,


- Web to WLC

- WCS.

I'd love to be proved wrong with precise details and example output.

I got my hopes up about this at Networkers a few years ago but it turned out that the presentation on Centralized wireless had a slide showing CLI output from an Autonomous AP (which, of course, can tell you current 802.11 data rate) by mistake.

At lease I got a laugh out of it.

regards, MH

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