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trying to get away from WEP

I have 4 AP's connected via 2006 controller.

right now I have only WEP running. I know that WEP isn't the best security method so I'm trying to get away from that.

But, I don't have the resources nor the man power to install and maintain a radius server, which is what I really need.

So, the question is: has anyone ran across an "in-expensive" service, platform or something else that will authenicate, etc.


New Member

Re: trying to get away from WEP

How many users, and what type of WAPs are using?

What about using the local RADIUS server that is available on the 1100 and 1200s?

I haven't looked into it, but it may be a viable option for your situation. It looks like it only supports LEAP, EAP-FAST, and MAC.

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Re: trying to get away from WEP

I have roughly 50 users. The WAPs are 1242's.

I didn't think the 1242's had a local server installed.


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Re: trying to get away from WEP

A correct and comprehensive answer to this question would be based on the software code you are running. WLC 2006 on code 4.1 have the capability of doing LOCAL EAP and can aid you in getting the functionality of RADIUS server on your WLC. This local EAP supports LEAP, EAP FAST with PAC, EAP FAST with certificates and EAP TLS. A software upgrade is definitely an "in-expensive" service. Hope this helps you.

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